Study Tips: Teamwork

Working in teams can be both rewarding and frustrating. To take advantage of collaborative work and make the most of your experience as a team member, consider following these tips (by Elizabeth Cohen):

  • Listening
  • Asking questions – making sense of your own understanding
  • Explaining by telling how and why
  • Helping others – by responding to their needs
  • Helping others – to do things for themselves
  • Sharing knowledge and reasoning
  • Finding out what others think – asking for, listening to and making sense of their ideas
  • Reflecting on and making use of what has been said
  • Being concise – communicating thinking
  • Giving reasons for ideas – communicating reasoning
  • Allowing everyone to contribute
  • Pulling ideas together – sharing, listening, valuing all contributions
  • Finding out if the group is ready to make a decision – consensus making.

Read more on teamwork here, here, and here.

Another resource: Avery, C. (2001) Teamwork Is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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