My MBA @ Royal Holloway, University of London

Globalisation is sitting in a room with a US projector; a Canadian smart board; a European watch and Japanese speakers, being taught by a Chinese professor, in a UK university, with 16 different nationalities in the class. Yes, I am talking about my MBA class at Royal Holloway, University of London. Every day I interact with my classmates from all over the globe and learn something new. Learning about the culture, society and economy of different parts of the world makes my MBA truly international. My name is Ahsan Fraz and I am from Pakistan.

It has been only less than two months since the course started at Royal Holloway and I am already enjoying the experience with my classmates as we know each other from years. Most of the assessments during the semester are in groups and that’s how we are learning how to practice and develop teamwork. Moreover, the classroom environment is really interactive where both, the tutors and the students, participate in meaningful discussions resulting in learning for the both sides.

Although we often have very insightful guest speaker sessions in the class, I am really enjoying the academic & non-academic activities outside of the class. In our first week, we went for an adventure trip outside of the campus that really put me outside my comfort zone and I learned the lesson that I have to adopt an out of the box critical approach to excel at my MBA. Recently, we visited the Museum of Brands in London, which was also a unique experience.

The university has an excellent campus with many facilities. My favourite part is the Founder’s library where I can sit and do my work without any distraction. Although I am not a big admirer of the food on campus but they do have more than 10 places to eat at the campus giving a lot of decent options to the students. The sports facility is also good where I can play my favourite sports.

Furthermore, the administrative and teaching staff is always there whenever I need any kind of help. I can easily meet my tutors in their offices to discuss studies and other matters. Another important aspect is career development and the university has a dedicated staff member for the MBA who is helping me with my CV and career advice.

In the end, I would like to say that it is just a beginning to a full year of excitement, passion, hard work and accomplishment. I am surely looking forward to the new skills and concepts which I will learn over the span of next one year. Also, I am certainly looking forward to an enhanced experience of cultural and national diversity. Moreover, I am definitely looking forward to trying all the cuisines which are the trademark of the countries from where my classmates belong.

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