The first group presentation

The first group presentation

Introducing the batch of 2017!!!


Oops!!! Here you go 😊


After our finance in-class test, we got started with building a portfolio of 5 FTSE100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was very challenging for most of us, as we weren’t from Finance background. Reading after classes, referring to dummies videos, to calculating our portfolio of different companies and explaining each other how much profit we made; we did all of that.The preparation had endless meetings and repeated rehearsals a night before. And how can I forget the lovely memories I made throughout!


This is what happens when the mouse doesn’t work, we use our highly specialized touch!


When Mac gave up after rehearsing for the presentation a night before!!! (P.S: Don’t worry, she was only taking a power nap to memorize better)

24th of November, 9a.m. – The nervous students arrived to showcase their newly-developed finance knowledge. It was interesting how every team built a unique portfolio of 5 equities from a budget of £10,000.


(Excuse me for the order of the teams as I wasn’t able to photograph the first and second group presentations because to be honest in the first part I was doing my presentation and during the second presentation calming down from my nervousness)


From group 3 – Kim explaining the correlation of the stocks they selected for their portfolio.


(From left to right-Elsa,Kim, Sukhi and Anjali)Group 3 – Acing through their Q&A session with professor Kyu. This group had a unique objective of conservation investment to build their portfolio. The 4 key take-a ways after seeing their presentation were 1. Safe investment, 2. Protect the portfolio against inflation, 3. Ascertain normal returns for all the equities, 4. Adopting low-risk tolerance.


(From left to right- Nicole, Grace, Youngeun, Sherry and Mag) Group 2 – This group took a Warren Buffet-wannabe strategy. They focused to find undervalued stocks in the market. They analyzed the market, economy and the individual companies to ensure they made a good portfolio. Their favorite strategy was the PE ratio (which is the Price-earning ratio, to explain in simpler words if an equity has a PE value 12 then the price you are paying is 12 times the earnings).


A touch of Dab – Who said Finance can be difficult? It’s enthralling when we learn it with enthusiasm 😊


(From left to right – Skye, Mackenzie, Vj and Sammy) Group 1 – Representing their diversified portfolio. We built a risk-averse, diversified portfolio which got steady income to our 60-year old client for his retirement. The portfolio was built using the standard deviation (which measures the risk element of the asset products) and Bid-Ask spread (this is the key indicator to ascertain the demand and supply of the stocks. Bid-ask spread = Ask price-Bid price. Ask price is the price at which companies sell their shares and Bid price is the price at which investors wish to buy share. The key take-away was to invest in companies having a good dividend per share and to hold on to portfolio for a longer term to reap maximum benefits.


Look at us ! All Finance-savvied to take up our consultancy projects and build a profitable portfolio for our future clients.


Our best candid moment was with our cool finance professor – Dr Kyu who gives his fantastic touch to a competent subject like Finance.


And finally the Celebration time – A class that eats together, stays together 😊

– Sakeynay (Sammy) Batch of 2017-2018



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