How Cisco wow’ed us with collaboration !

After attending Dr. Hari’s lectures on Technology on the MBA, we began understanding how businesses are being undermined by not adopting the potential of information technology.

The coming together of digitization, infusion of software and the ubiquity of IT has led to a revolution in the business world!
After discussing a variety of business cases showing the disruptive and innovative potential of IT, we were told our Tuesday afternoon class was scheduled at the offices of Cisco to experience technology real-time.


We were warmly welcomed by one of our alumni, Mr. Ozgur Savas, senior manager at Cisco and his colleague, Cristi Grigore.2

After getting our brand new ID cards we were headed for a scrumptous lunch from Cisco.


Sneak peak of my first selfie 😉 – First look with the Cisco ID card!


Nope! That’s not just a massive cafeteria with live counters but also an amazing view of London!!!


After being treated like a royalty at lunch on our way out, we found two Cisco employees campaigning for employee mental health welfare initiative. This made us feel how much Cisco as an employer values in their people and also their well-being.


We next entered the Customer experience centre. Our first glimpse was of a real-time video conference between 3 employees from different geographical zones. Who knew work could get that fancy !


Mr. Ozgur and his colleague, Vlad took us through the Spark technology which works on stimulation of the surrounding network. The technology is so advanced that it detects the end-users in the nearest surroundings which saves the employees valuable time to join calls immediately or remain in a call while catching a room reservation as the calls are enabled on the Spark app. The spark app allows people to communicate with all kinds of devices. And by devices, I also mean the telephones enabled with smart video cameras. How cool can that be to work from home with your personal video and voice enabled gadgets. The employees get to know each other not only during year-end meetings but all throughout the year, that’s a terrific idea of simplify business processes.



The coolest feature of the Cisco systems were they don’t require user to connect using any cable, the system not only recognised its end-user but also identifies its user by its voice.

file9-1P.s.: That laptop is connected to the Spark tv without any cable !!!How cooler can technology get !!!

To revamp the office team meeting Cisco has also developed – Spark board which is a touch-screen board and the writing can be saved on the company drive using cloud computing. Who thought so many brainstorming ideas in team meeting could be saved as files, well a company did and we were lucky to witness this technology 🙂


We were next headed to our next segment of the study trip which was a presentation by Cristi. On our way, we came across these huge motherboards which store tons of database, and we were amazed knowing each of these machines is worth millions.

During the presentation, Cristi explained the power of collaboration on which Cisco runs. It was interesting to know how Cisco provides the framework for Internet and electricity in the world. We were introduced to cloud computing and IP telephoning.


After the presentation, we were given an opportunity to come up with a business idea using cloud computing. This was the ‘Creathon’. We had about 30 minutes to come up with a techie idea.

Team 1 – Brainstroming their eco-friendly idea of creating sensor enabled bins for waste management – Smartbin


Team 2 – Candidly developing their cab-share and hassle-free parking business idea.


Team 3 – Developing their idea of using cloud computing in the hospitality industry . As the idea was inspired by Cisco’s objectives, we named it HotelSpark.


After some really good presentations from each team, Team 3 was announced as the winner and each member was awarded an Amazon dot Echo and lots more Cisco goodies.


Nicole was awarded for her excellent presentation skills.


It was very kind of Mr. Ozgur for showing us the innovation of Cisco and also letting us know that we will be soon seeing a Part 2 of him as very soon he will be visiting us to
talk about security and the most-hyped technology of the era -Blockchain.


A day well-spent with an extremely knowledgeable faculty Dr Hari with whom we discussed professional and technology developments on our way back to university. Thank you Dr. Hari for the wonderful study trip and tech enlightenment. 🙂

– Sakeynay (Sammy) Batch of 2017-2018

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