Study trip 2017-2018 to Finland and Sweden. Part 2-Stockholm

Stockholm is the bustling capital of Sweden. The country is famous for its public welfare and immigration-friendly policies. With diverse pool of talent and global citizens, Sweden is ought to-be the next Silicon Valley of the world.  Sweden is a host of successful companies like IKEA, Ericson, H&M, Skype and Spotify. Swedish lifestyle is all about ‘Lagom’ which means just right, not too much or too little but moderation.

why sweden

Day 4

After a busy schedule in Helsinki, we had some time to rest for the first morning in Stockholm and had our first company visit in the afternoon. We sprang at the touristic opportunity and sprawled to the old market of Stockholm, Gamla Stan. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the changing of the guards and explored around the Royal Palace. The cobbled streets with a backdrop of water lakes was one of the pleasant feeling to experience early in the morning.



Company visit # 1: SUP 46

As the company name denotes, SUP = start-up, 46=country code of Sweden! SUP 46 is Europe’s leading start-up hub located in central Stockholm and it is a non-profit organization. This company is an incubator, it provides members office-space and management trainings. The office space is also open for the public. Upon our visit, we got to experience the VR technology being used in E-commerce, the paradigm tech shift subtly suggested from E-commerce to V-commerce.  SUP 46 helps entrepreneurs connect with potential business partners for collaboration and has lately begun awarding the phenomenal innovators each year towards their contribution to the economy.

Company visit # 2: Amplify Accelerator Program

Stockholm is the world’s growing-capital in the music industry, Spotify is just one example. industry. Music is going digital and this gives an opportunity to innovations in music.  We experienced a very hospitable welcome at Amplify. The company’s objective is to combine investors with entrepreneurs of the music-tech We interacted with few entrepreneurs who discussed their business model with us. Stagecast was one which uses phone to enhance a live interaction platform.

Company visit # 3: KMH Royal College of Music

Our next stop was at KMH Royal College of Music where we enjoyed some live orchestra performance, explored the innovation technologies and instruments being used to create music.


music group

In the evening, we shopped around at the biggest mall of Scandinavia – Mall of Scandinavia enjoying their abstractly styled architecture.


Day 5

 Company visit # 1: Kista Science city

To gain an insight into the buzzing innovation of Smart city, we headed on the last day to experience an upcoming smart city projects in Kista Science city. Kista Science city is a non-profit organization funded by the government. Currently they are committed towards urbanization and developing innovation which help the residents of Stockholm. They conduct ideathons, seminars, roundtables and events to strengthen innovation.


Relishing Swedish ‘Fika’ – tea and sweet before the presentation



We experienced the not-so-boring 5G bike and autonomous bus.

Company visit # 2: Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a start-up hub which connects curious minds to global social businesses. They attract entrepreneurial action which benefits the community.  United Nations 17 sustainable development goals for 2030 are embedded in their business model. Here, we experienced a vibrant community working with a collaborative mindset towards global welfare.



Firstly, I express sincere gratitude to our program director – Olga Kravets for giving us an excellent opportunity to see innovation with fresh pairs of eyes in the Nordic start-up tech industry.

I am extremely thankful to our tutor, Dr. Hari for being an excellent source of information before/during/after the study trip ; Michelle for her excellent support throughout the trip. Heartfelt gratitude to our organizers – Jake and Tingting who planned and wonderfully executed the study trip that we would always cherish!

-Sakeynay (Sammy), Batch of 2017-2018


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