The last presentation of the year

The 9am-6pm schedule finally came to an end with the most exciting subject – Consulting. As an MBA student, one develops insights into various business areas like marketing, finance, HR, strategy, operations and technology. With this newly-acquired treasure of knowledge, we undertook our first consulting project from Ricoh consulting, a leader in the worldwide print industry, to provide an innovative solution for the future of teaching and learning in the higher education market. Each group developed their project for different countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand wherein Ricoh has its offerings.

It was interesting to gain insights how Ricoh USA and Canada (our group’s challenge) has evolved from an exclusive “goods industry” providing printing solutions to a “service-industry” to enhance businesses document management from admissions to mail to cloud platforms, provide business analytics enabling higher education organizations to create and grade their tests and lately also allowing businesses to interact through webinars. However stupendous the company’s profile was, our challenge grew massively as the only solution was to innovate in the volatile North American higher education market.

The hours of research, rehearsals were all paid off when our presentations were applauded, and we ended the day celebrating with one another. Check out the last day’s experience here 🙂

A big thank you to our supportive tutor and Head of School of Management – Dr. Niran Subramaniam who endlessly encouraged us to acquire consulting skills, assisted us throughout our research and very positively appreciated each team’s proposal.


Batch of 2017-2018


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